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PowerSound 9x

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PowerSound 9x is an upgrade module for FlySky / Turnigy 9x radios. It is based on the MegaSound design originally developed by Mike and Oliver from In fact, this is now a greatly improved product going beyond just a sound module. It uses the new "serial" interface, which brings quite some extras and allows for an easier installation. On top of that, it even protects your radio from the widely known "battery reverse polarity brick". The PowerSound is designed to install in place of the stock switch board and requires only a couple of wires to be hand-soldered to the main board of the 9x for basic operation.

Core features:

  • Audio files playback from a microSD card, controlled by ER9X firmware (allows to announce model name, modes, telemetry values, and much more!)
  • Save and restore model settings to a microSD card - meaning practically unlimited models storage capacity
  • LED backlight control with soft shutdown (handy to use with a HobbyKing backlight)
  • Haptic feedback motor control
  • Battery reverse polarity protection - prevents the "magic smoke" from coming out bricking your radio if battery poles are mixed up. Protection fully covers both the radio and the RF-module - now it's safe both ways!
  • Fix a design issue in the stock power distribution circuit that resulted in data line noise and possible loss of control under certain conditions in trainer or in simulator modes
  • RS232 level converter for FrSky telemetry (works best for XJT, but may also help for DJT and DHT)
  • Extra inputs for even more switches and pots (also allows to upgrade 2-pos switches with 3-pos, and more!)

    Extra features:

  • An option to reuse stock cabling in order to transmit telemetry information
  • Separate Analog and Digital lines
  • Sound amplification tuning (for experts, requires extra components)
  • Bi-directional S.PORT capability (not yet supported in ER9X)


    PowerSound 9x is designed to be installed in a FlySky TH9X, Turnigy 9x and other clones. It fully supports so-called "modded" 9x radios (including Atmega upgrade, telemetry mod, and virtually any other upgrade type). Basically speaking, any Turnigy / FlySky 9x radio will do. The only precondition is that your radio needs to be running er9x firmware r817 or higher.

    Note: It will NOT fit into a Turnigy 9XR due to a different design of the 9XR enclosure.

    Feel free to contact us in case of any questions!

    Useful links

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